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Laboratory Hydrogen Generator Logo Hydrogen Generator: high-performance, no-maintenance series

The NMH2-Plus Series Hydrogen Generator provides a cost-effective alternative to cylinders of compressed hydrogen in the laboratory. These ultra-quiet laboratory gas generators provide up to 99.99999% pure hydrogen at pressures up to 155 psig with <1 ppm moisture. Uniquely designed to require no maintenance, these units require only de-ionized water to produce an uninterrupted supply of pure hydrogen; no caustic solutions are required.

Unique to the NMH2-Plus Hydrogen Generator is the ability to remotely monitor and control the units, and cascade multiple units together for higher flow demands and to enable your investment to grow with you.


  • Suitable for providing high purity hydrogen carrier gas and/or fuel gas

  • Available in sizes ranging from 100 mL/min up to 1000 mL/min

  • Uses de-ionized water for operation (No caustic solutions)

  • Adjustable gas delivery pressure up to 155 psig

  • LCD touch-screen display provides simplified user interface

  • Provides continuous LCD monitoring & read-out of H2 delivery pressure, H2 flow, and water quality

  • Multiple alarms alert user to low water level, poor water quality, low pressure (leak), and power supply conditions

  • Optional "Cascading" flow control allows multiple units (up to 10) to be connected together to create systems with even larger flow capacity

  • Optional PC interface permits remote monitoring of selected functions

  • Small footprint (9" W x 14" D x 17" H) conserves lab bench space

  • Universal power supply compatibility

  • 2 year parts & labour warranty

  • CE & CSA certified

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Laboratory Hydrogen Generator
NMH2 Hydrogen Generator



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