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Matheson Gas Products in Canada:

Chrysalis Scientific Technologies is the official distributor for Matheson Gas Products in Canada. Well-known and respected in the scientific community and industrial markets, the name Matheson Gas Products is synonymous with reliable, high-quality gas handling equipment and specialty gases.

A leader and innovator, Matheson Gas Products pioneered the specialty gas and gas equipment industry more than 85 years ago. Matheson Gas Products was founded in 1927 in New Jersey. Matheson Gas Products is credited with the invention of the Lecture Bottle for compressed gases; now the Lecture Bottle is used in virtually all the major colleges and universities around the world.

Over the years, Matheson Gas Products developed many well-known and respected Trademarks and Brand Names of gas handling equipment and specialty gases. Some of these brand names include:

Analytical Calibration Semiconductor/Industrial
  • Aro-MAT

  • Cal-MAT

  • Chloro-MAT

  • Chromo-MAT

  • Enviro-MAT

  • Fluoro-MAT

  • MaxiTherm

  • PELgas

  • Toxi-MAT

  • UniTherm

Matheson Gas Products, also known as Matheson Tri-Gas, is one of the largest specialty gas and equipment companies in the world.

Matheson Gas Products current range of equipment is one of the most comprehensive in the marketplace. This website contains information on most of the standard gas handling equipment from Matheson Gas Products. Information is divided by equipment category, as shown in the menu on the left side of this page. Each Matheson Gas Products equipment sub-category webpage contains the same menu structure as seen at the left, to make navigating the site as easy as possible. Please explore the website to find out more about Matheson Gas Products equipment.

If you can't find what you are looking for, or need a customized solution, or have a unique challenge you'd like to solve, then please contact us.




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