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Chrysalis Scientific Technologies represents leading edge technologies designed to enhance the business and scientific performance of our customers.  We are committed to providing value to our customers and to our partners.

We are interested in representing other unique technologies that truly make a difference to our laboratory customers across Canada. 
Please contact us to find out how we can help you to introduce your technologies to the Canadian marketplace.



Advanced Analytical Technologies Inc. (AATI) provides innovative solutions to improve processes and accelerate research within the pharmaceutical, and life science markets. AATI specializes in developing parallel capillary electrophoresis technologies with UV and fluorescence detection for stream-lining the analysis of pharmaceutical compounds, oligonucleotides, DNA, RNA and proteins.

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DBS Strumenti Scientifici s.r.l., founded in Italy in 1985, specializes in the design, development and manufacturing of products and accessories for analytical instruments. DBS is a market leader in temperature control accessories for chemical analysis, and applies the latest electronic technology to develop of variety of specific applications for the analytical sector.

Fortis Technologies logo

Fortis Technologies was established in 2005 to provide novel products and add value to the HPLC column market.  Fortis Technologies was founded by Ken Butchart and Mark Woodruff, who both have worked extensively within the silica manufacturing and HPLC industry for many years.  Fortis' high-qualty silica combined with unique bonding technologies result in HPLC columns that are more stable at low, mid & high pH, more flexible and longer lasting.


Matheson Gas Products logo

Matheson Gas Products pioneered the commercial supply of specialty gases over 80 years ago.  Today, Matheson is the industry's leading provider of solutions for customers using gases in their labs, plants, processes and numerous other areas.  Now, Matheson's extensive range of specialty gas equipment is available in Canada through Chrysalis Scientific Technologies.

MIP Technologies logo

MIP Technologies Inc. is an innovative biotechnology company working at the boundary of material science and chemistry.  Using proprietary technology, they produce molecularly imprinted polymers for selective separation in analytical and process chemistry and industrial processes.  MIPs are also developed for used as stable, synthetic receptors for drug discovery research.

LNI Swissgas logo

LNI Swissgas, based in Switzerland, is a designer and manufacturer of high-quality gas generators for laboratory and industrial applications.  The units are extremely reliable, low maintenance, and long-life span generators.  Models are available for nitrogen, hydrogen, zero-air and ultra-zero-air.  In addition, LNI Swissgas designs and manufactures gas calibration and dilution systems for air quality monitoring.



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