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Fragment Analyzer multi-channel capillary electrophoresis instrument

Advanced Analytical Technologies Inc. (AATI) is a global leader in multiplexed capillary electrophoresis technology.

12, 24 & 96 channel parallel capillary electrophoresis (CE) technology enables medium to high-throughput analytical separations of small molecules and biomolecules with on-line, simultaneous UV absorbance or fluorescence detection. AATI's capillary electrophoresis systems are comprised of an exchangeable capillary array assembly, a fixed optical detection platform, a high voltage power supply, a fluid pumping system, and an automatic tray positioning system. Customized software is tailored for specific applications and provides instrument control, data acquisition, and data analysis.

A variety of platforms have been developed for various applications including:

  • Fragment Analyzer™: a fluorescence based capillary electrophoresis system, available in 12 capillary and 96 capillary formats, that is ideal for the sizing and quantification of small and large double-stranded DNA fragments

  • Oligo-PRO™: a UV based electrophoresis system, available in 24 capillary and 96 capillary formats, that is used for size and purity determination of oligonucleotides. Oligo-PRO™ is used by many of the world's largest oligonucleotide synthesis facilities.

  • pKa-PRO™: an electrophoresis system with UV detection, available in 24 capillary and 96 capillary formats, that is used by many large pharmaceutical companies to perform high-throughput pKa and logP determinations as part of their medical chemistry programs.



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