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Next Generation Sequencing Libraries - Quality Control Analysis

Fragment Analyzer instrument for NGS library sample analysis

AATI's Fragment Analyzer™ is a valuable quality control tool for Next Generation Sequencing laboratories. Typically, after DNA library preparation, labs will analyze the quality and quantity of their DNA samples prior to initiating sequencing runs. Unlike labour intensive manual gels or expensive lab-on-chip methods, Fragment Analyzer™ provides simultaneous DNA sizing and quantification rapidly, cost-effectively and with minimal sample handling.

Fragment Analyzer™ enables laboratories to increase sample throughput to up to 1,500 samples per day, and also enables analysis of large NGS fragment sizes up to 15,000 bp, much higher than conventional methods.

NGS Library analysis using Fragment Analyzer™ provides the following benefits:

  • Reduced Sample Handling: compared with a lab-on-chip methods, Fragment Analyzer™ has one-third as many steps and only 1 pipetting step instead of 5.

  • High Sensitivity: due to the high sensitivity of Fragment Analyzer™, laboratories can reduce the consumption of valuable DNA material. Single fragment detection limits are as low at 5 pg/µL, while NGS samples may be quantified at 50 pg/µL or lower. The image below shows Nextera™ NGS DNA library with concentration of 41.4 pg/µL using only 2 µL of sample.

  • High sensitivity analysis of next generation sequencing DNA

  • Suitable for all NGS Instruments: with a wide range of NGS fragment sizing capability, Fragment Analyzer™ is the ideal complement to any NGS Instrument Platform. The example separations below show analysis of small fragments in the size range of 200 to 1,000 bp (left) and of large fragments in the range of 1,000 to 10,000 bp (right).

  • Detection of small fragment NGS library samplesDetection of large fragment NGS library samples

  • Reduced Cost per Sample: Fragment Analyzer™ provides lower cost per sample compared with a lab-on-chip methods, and greater efficiency than manual methods.

  • Improved Workflow: Fragment Analyzer™ enables users to install up to 2 different gel kits on the instrument at one time to facilitate automated method switching and streamlined workflow. For example, a laboratory might run genomic DNA samples, then perform DNA shearing and then re-run samples using an NGS kit all without having to prepare reagents, load gels, prime capillaries, since Fragment Analyzer™ takes care of these processes automatically.

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