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Genomic DNA Analysis using Fragment Analyzer™

Fragment Analyzer instrument for genomic DNA analysis

AATI's Fragment Analyzer™ is the first instrument on the market to enable simultaneous quantification and quality determination of genomic DNA in a single run. Traditionally, two separate methods are used: agarose gel electrophoresis for sizing and integrity determination; and, fluorometric or spectrophotometric methods for quantification. Agarose gel electrophoresis is labour intensive and yields unreliable quantification. Spectroscopic methods provide no information about the integrity of the genomic DNA. Fragment Analyzer™ overcomes these limitations.

Genomic DNA analysis using Fragment Analyzer™ provides the following benefits:

  • DNA Quality Verification: Since Fragment Analyzer™ can resolve very large dsDNA fragments (up to >20,000 bp), it can easily distinguish intact genomic DNA, from partially degraded and fully degraded genomic DNA, as seen in the electropherogram image (below).

  • Qualitative analysis of genomic DNA

  • Accurate, Reliable DNA Quantification: Genomic DNA quantification using Fragment Analyzer™ agrees well with fluormetric and spectrometric quantification. The chart below shows Fragment Analyzer™ data (red) compared with fluorometric data (blue) for a wide range of gDNA concentrations (5 - 200 ng/µL). Inaccuracy and imprecision are <10%. Fragment Analyzer™ is linear from 5 - 200 ng/µL (r² > 0.999).

  • Quantitative analysis of genomic DNA

  • Excellent Sensitivity: Due to the extreme sensitivity of Fragment Analyzer™, accurate qualitative and quantitative data can be obtained from very small amounts of genomic DNA, thus saving valuable or rare sample material. Electropherograms below show analysis of 12.5 ng/µL (left) and 0.05 ng/µL (right).

  • Sensitive detection of genomic DNA - 12.5 ng/µLSensitive detection of genomic DNA - 0.05 ng/µL

  • High-Throughput gDNA Analysis: The image below shows a gel-view of 96 samples processed simultaneously in less than 1 hour using Fragment Analyzer™. With unattended analysis of 288 samples, Fragment Analyzer™ dramatically increases laboratory throughput while minimizing labour costs.

  • High throughput analysis of genomic DNA

  • Detection of RNA Contamination: the ability to detect total RNA or messenger RNA contamination in genomic DNA samples (and vice versa) is another reason Fragment Analyzer™ is becoming an indispensible quality control tool in genomic research laboratories. The electropherogram below shows a genomic DNA sample spiked with total RNA (top trace showing 28S and 18S peaks) or mRNA (bottom trace showing smear in size range 50 - 1000 bp). Intact genomic DNA peak is easily visible and quantifiable.

  • Detection of RNA contamination in genomic DNA

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