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Fragment Analyzer™ Wins 2014 Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovation Award

Fragment Analyzer™ Automated CE System has been selected by Frost & Sullivan as the 2014 recipient of their prestigious "New Product Innovation" Award.

In selecting Fragment Analyzer™ for this award, Frost & Sullivan benchmarked it against various key competitors using a variety of criteria. Based on their analysis, Frost & Sullivan found Fragment Analyzer™ "provides multiple advantages over competing technologies, such as spectrophotometers, fluorometers, slab gel-based systems, microfluidic-based systems, and real-time PCR."

Fragment Analyzer multi-channel capillary electrophoresis instrument

About Fragment Analyzer™:

The Fragment Analyzer™ Automated CE System has been designed for ease of use and flexible operation, providing high separation resolution over a wide range of DNA/RNA sizes and concentrations. Fragment Analyzer™ is available in a 12-capillary or 96-capillary format.

Fragment Analyzer™ is a compact fully integrated system utilizing a powerful LED fluorescence light source, a sensitive CCD detector, high voltage power supply, fluid pumping system, exchangeable capillary array assembly, and multiple sample plate autosampler to provide high-throughput dsDNA analysis with minimal manual intervention. User friendly PROSize™ software is provides automated fragment sizing, quantification, data scoring, and enables data viewing and reporting in a variety of formats.

A wide variety of applications can be run on the same instrument platform using the same capillary array, making Fragment Analyzer™ one of the most versatile instruments on the market.

About Chrysalis:
Chrysalis Scientific Technologies is a Canadian company dedicated to providing products and services that enable our customers to improve quality, productivity, and safety ... to achieve simply better results.
About AATI:
Advanced Analytical Technologies Inc. specializes in developing parallel capillary electrophoresis instruments, with UV and fluorescence detection, to accelerate research within the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries.



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