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Fragment Analyzer™ Automated Multi-Channel CE System

Fragment Analyzer multi-channel capillary electrophoresis instrument

The Fragment Analyzer™ Automated CE System has been designed for ease of use and flexible operation, providing high separation resolution over a wide range of DNA/RNA sizes and concentrations. Fragment Analyzer™ is available in a 12-capillary or 96-capillary format.

Fragment Analyzer™ is a compact fully integrated system utilizing a powerful LED fluorescence light source, a sensitive CCD detector, high voltage power supply, fluid pumping system, exchangeable capillary array assembly, and multiple sample plate autosampler to provide high-throughput dsDNA analysis with minimal manual intervention. User friendly PROSize™ software is provides automated fragment sizing, quantification, data scoring, and enables data viewing and reporting in a variety of formats.

A wide variety of applications can be run on the same instrument platform using the same capillary array, making Fragment Analyzer™ one of the most versatile instruments on the market. Available applications include:

  • Microsatellites/SSRs: size and quantify dsDNA fragments from 35bp to 20,000bp, with excellent sensitivity (5 pg/µL) and as low as 2bp resolution.

  • Next Generation Sequencing Libraries: rapidly qualify and quantify next generation sequencing library samples with superior accuracy, precision, and sensitivity with Fragment Analyzer™ methods that dramatically reduce the number of pipetting and manual sample handling steps and streamline laboratory workflow.

  • Genomic DNA Analysis: Fragment Analyzer™ is the first instrument on the market capable of simultaneously quantifying and qualifying genomic DNA samples in one run. Fragment Analyzer™ enables automated, sensitive, and high-throughput analysis with minimal manual labour steps to enhance laboratory efficiency and productivity.

  • Total RNA and mRNA Analysis: qualify and quantify RNA samples with speed, accuracy, precision and an RNA Quality indicator, but without all the manual sample and chip handling steps.

  • Mutation Detection Studies: accurately detecting natural or induced point mutations can now be done in half the time. Speed up reverse genetics research by accelerating sample preparation and analyzing larger fragments with Fragment Analyzer™.



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